Accurately charge your refrigeration system with Charg-Check, available in a number of sizes to suit your needs.



• Comes in three sizes to suit any application, 1lb. (16oz.), 5Ib. (80oz.), and 10lb. (160oz.)

sizes cover the field from light domestic to heavy commercial.

• Allows you to measure out precise quantities of refrigerant.

• Helps speed up the charging process by letting you charge with heat. All cylinders

except the 16oz. model will hold a Model 7020 Heater Assembly (See page 64).

• Allows you to carry small quantities of refrigerant to the job, yet buy refrigerant in large

quantities and keep the drum back at your shop.

• Is available in a steel carrying case to completely protect them from tough use. Cylinder

need not be removed from the case as all connections and valves are accessible from

front. Case forms a stand to set on the floor or bench. Case sold separately (See page 64).

• Easily used in the field. They hang onto system being charged by means of a topmounted


• Can be calibrated for ambient temperature variations by means of temperature

correction chart on the side of the scale. This is required only if better than 2% accuracy

is needed.

• Safety relief valve for protection.

• Plastic liquid level indicators.

Charg-Check 1
Charg-Check 2
Charg-Check 3