Marvac / Thermal Engineering Vacuum Pump Repair Kit Cross Reference

Imperial Tools offers repair kits for high-quality vacuum pumps that were produced by Marvac Scientific and Thermal Engineering. The table below highlights these kits so that the proper repair kit can be correctly identified. Once installation of the repair kit is complete, the vacuum pumps are ready to return to more years of great service.

Repair Kit Vacuum Pump Type Photo Exploded Manual
RKD-2 A1, A10, 1891, AA1-9 Belt Drive View Download
RKD-3 A2, A20, 1892 Belt Drive 1892 Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD-4 B2, B20, 1893 Belt Drive 1893 Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD-5 B3, B30, B6 (takes 2 kits), 1894, 1896, 1895 (takes 2 kits) Belt Drive 1894 Vacuum Pump1895 Vacuum Pump1896 Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD-6 ZX100, Z120, 1880Z, 1890ZX Direct Drive View Download
RKD-7 L3 Dracula Series View Download
RKD-9 L11 Dracula Series View Download
RKD-11 H4, H5, Vaxima 442, Vaxima 643, ACTR12344C Vaxima Series Vaxima 442 / Vaxima 643 Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD-12 L2 Dracula Series View Download
RKD-13 H8, H9, Vaxima 846, Vaxima 900 Vaxima Series Vaxima 900 Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD1-R10 R10, 1816Z, ACT71, ACT75, ACTR1234, R11, GA271, GA271A Direct Drive 1816Z Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD1-R20 R20, 1817Z, R21, GA259 Direct Drive 1817Z Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD1-Z30 Z30, 1825Z, 42032, 42132, 42034, 42134 Direct Drive 1825Z Vacuum Pump View Download
RKD1-Z60 Z60, 1850Z, 42062, 42162 Direct Drive 1850Z Vacuum Pump View Download