Selling Aids

Posted on: Sat, 2012-09-08 05:33   By: Imperial

Tool Center SignSeeling


• 7-1/2” H x 39” W vinyl.


Tool Center Planogram Kits

• 6” H x 24” W vinyl header sign.selling

• 24” H x 32” W 2-sided vinyl planogram template - front side is pre-printed with a suggested layout of best selling Imperial® HVAC and tube working tools. Use reverse side to create your own Imperial display.

• Hooks and re-order tags included.


TM400P: POP kit for pegboard - sheet, header, hooks and re-order tags.

TM400S: POP kit for slatwall - sheet, header, hooks and re-order tags.

TM500P: Includes TM400P kit and tools for the planogram layout (see chart below).