Oil Pumps & Adapters Kits

Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 06:23   By: Imperial

Precisely and exactly the right amount of oil in the cleanest and most efficient manner. Allow for all popular sizes of oil cans and bottles to fit with our oil pumps.


It charges without pumping the compressor down thus reducing charging time by over 70%. Also avoids the embarrassment of spilling oil on the customer’s premises. Provides the professional touch since oil can be accurately measured into the compressor without having to pour it from the can. Fits all popular brands of refrigeration oil.

Complete Adapter Kit supplied to accommodate most containers. The Charge-Oil Pump cap seals the can so pump need not be removed until can is empty. Thermal Charge-Oil Pump is a piston type high pressure pump designed to operate at pressures to 250 PSI. It pumps one quart in 20 full strokes of the piston. Pump is connected to compressor by refrigerant charging line or copper tubing from 1/4” male fitting.

Suitable for use with alkybenzene and POE oils.