Kwik-coupler™ Repair Kits

Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 00:40   By: Imperial

The Kwik-Coupler™ adapter repair kit is intended for use with Imperial® brand 16-C, 17-C, and 18-C Kwik-Coupler™ adapters and PolarShield® KC-Series hose. The male repair kit includes a threaded hex sleeve for replacement on straight coupler assemblies.

KCK-M Male Kwik-Coupler™ Adapter Repair Kit - Repairs 2 Male Couplers

Includes: Hex Sleeve (2), Spring (2), Stem Assembly (2) and Sealant


1. Remove threaded sleeve on end of Kwik-Coupler™ adapter. A vise may be necessary to remove old straight sleeve - the 90° has a screwdriver slot on back for removal.

2. Discard old stem and spring.

3. Use a wire brush to clean sealant residue from disassembled parts.

4. Insert new stem and spring.

5. Apply one bead of thread sealant completely around the thread. Do not apply an excessive amount of sealant - this may damage o-ring seal and cause leakage. Assemble to length at right (Fig. 1 & 2). For 90° style, engage threads until the bottom of the slot is even with the back of the coupler (Fig. 4).

6. Allow sealant to cure at least 30 minutes. The Kwik-Coupler™ adapter is now ready to use.

KCK-F Female Kwik-Coupler™ Adapter Repair Kit - Repairs 5 Standard and 5 Automotive Female Couplers (Not for 26-C and 27-C)

Includes: Retainer (2), Gasket (5), O-Ring (10) and O-Ring 3/16” for Automotive (5)

Kwik-Coupler™ Adapters

Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 00:19   By: Imperial

The Kwik-Coupler adapter set is intended for use with refrigeration and air-conditioning service hoses when connecting to core valve type access fittings. Conventional threaded connecting is converted to push-pull operation which is faster, easier and positive sealing at all times. Valve cores are depressed automatically without adjustments or loss of refrigerant. Disconnecting is also accomplished without loss of refrigerant.

An automatic shut-off valve retains refrigerant pressure in a disconnected hose. This feature permits transferring high side hose refrigerant through the service manifold into the low side, thereby eliminating waste and hazardous high pressure discharge and atmospheric damage.


• Automatic full depression of core valves without adjustment, regardless of core position.

• Coupler halves separately connect to access fitting and hose end, then easy push/pull operation automatically opens or closes system without loss of refrigerant.

• Automatic shut-off of hose ends permits discharging high side hose through manifold into low side.

• Eliminates hazardous discharge of refrigerant and oil from system when disconnecting hose.

• Simplifies operation of charging critical amount of refrigerant into small systems.

• Prevents finger burn when disconnecting - especially servicing heat pumps in cold weather.

• Core depressors in hose ends no longer necessary - speeds servicing of systems with hand valves.