9997 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Type VPE


The VPE Leak Detector represents state-of-the-art technology for pin-pointing leaks in air conditioning/refrigeration systems. Able to detect both vacuum and pressure leaks, the VPE overcomes the disadvantages inherent in other types of leak detectors.

No ultraviolet dyes or tracer gases are necessary, and the VPE can detect any gas, even in a gas-saturated environment. The VPE offers both visual and sound identification via the LED display and the included headset. Lightweight and easy to use, the VPE is a tool every technician should have.


Detects any type of refrigerant gas.
Battery-powered for cordless operation.
Does not require tracer gases.
Detects vacuum and pressure leaks.
Headset and padded carrying case included.
Adjustable sensitivity.

Nominal sensitivity: -80db / V / uBar.
Display: 10-bar element graph audio output.• Frequency response: 38 to 42 kHz.
Power: 9V cell.
Battery life: 15 hrs. continuous.
Headset: dynamic 32 ohm.
Size: 4.56” x 2.40” x 0.866”.
Weight: 1/2Ib.
Housing: durable PVC/aluminum.

TC-1050RH : For 1/8” to 5/8” (4 mm to 15 mm) O.D. tubing. 2-Pc. set includes TC-1050 “IMP”® mini tube cutter and ratcheting handle in clamshell packaging. Length 5”. Wt. 6.0 oz.

TC-1051 : Ratcheting handle only. Length 5”. Wt. 1.5 oz.

TC-3050RH : For 1/8” to 1-1/8” (4 mm to 28 mm) O.D. tubing. 3-Pc. set includes TC-3050 “IMP”® tube cutter, removable deburr tool and ratcheting handle in clamshell packaging. Length 7”. Wt. 11.5 oz.

TC-3051 : Ratcheting handle and deburr tool. Length 7”. Wt. 4.0 oz.

9997 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Type VPE 1
9997 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Type VPE 2