Refrigerant Recovery

7701 Vizi-Vapr Charger

Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 01:07   By: Imperial

Many problems can arise from improper charging of any type of refrigeration system. Vizi-Vapr makes it possible to correctly charge a system every time. Liquid refrigerant being charged is transformed into a saturated vapor through a small orifice which thereafter can be viewed to ensure the system gets charged properly. The Vizi-Vapr eliminates the problem of slow vapor charging by removing the refrigerant from the cylinder as a liquid and injecting it into the system as a saturated vapor. Since the liquid refrigerant is removed from the cylinder by its own pressure, no heat is removed from it and the cylinder does not get cold. Refrigerant blends must be removed from their containers as liquid. Using the Vizi-Vapr, the blend can be charged into the system as a saturated vapor without any composition change. Vizi-Vapr is adjustable from 1/8hp up to 50hp. The operation is completely visible so there is little danger of liquid entering the system.


Complete set of gaskets, “O” rings, and back-up rings required for repairing the 7701 Vizi-Vapr.


535-C Kwik Charge®

Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 00:52   By: Imperial

Liquid Low Side Charger Provides fast, safe charge - essential for today’s blended refrigerants!

The Kwik Charge® charging unit accepts liquid refrigerant from the cylinder and discharges into low side of the system. Charging rate is up to eight times faster than vapor charging. In addition, liquid charging is required when using R-410A and other blended refrigerants. Attach the Kwik Charge device to the low side of the charging manifold. Charging hose is connected from Kwik Charge device outlet to low side of refrigeration system. Internal metering element reduces liquid flow to a level below capacity of compressor. This assures a safe, fast charge without endangering the compressor. A built-in ball check valve automatically opens when drawing a vacuum to assure rapid, unrestricted evacuation. Can be used with all fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerant systems.


• Up to 8 times faster than vapor charging.

• No need to heat refrigerant cylinder.

• Built-in check valve opens for drawing unrestricted vacuum.

• No pressure drop in cylinder.

• One charger services all units 1/2 ton or larger.

Variations and Replacement Parts

535-C Kwik Charge® charging unit 1/4” female SAE flare inlet, 1/4” male SAE flare outlet.

545-C Kwik Charge® charging unit 5/16” female SAE flare inlet, 5/16” male SAE flare outlet.

PT-109 Kwik-Vise™

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Refrigerant Recovery Tool

PT-109 Line piercing/refrigerant recovery tool pierces, seals and locks on to copper lines in one swift motion. Self-adjusting! No need to adjust the tool for different sizes of tubing. The tension system automatically locks pliers on copper tubing 1/4” to 1/2” (6 mm-12 mm) O.D. To use, simply position the PT-109 on the tubing to be pierced. Close the pliers quickly and firmly. The pliers will automatically adjust and lock into a tightly sealed, secure position.


• Replaceable hardened, stainless steel pierce and brass valve assembly (S16002045).

• Capacity: 1/4” thru 1/2” O.D. refrigerant copper tubing.

• Durable: made with high-carbon, heat treated steel jaws.

• Works with all refrigerants CFC, HFC, HCFC and Zeotropic, Azeotropic.

• 90˚ elbow valve eliminates tangling and interference problems.

S16002045 Replacement pierce and brass valve assembly.