Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 06:10   By: Imperial

Quick and easy process of pressurizing a refrigerant supply cylinder to move any refrigerant to another vessel.


3054 : A quick, convenient, easy-to-use means to pressurize refrigerant supply cylinders to move any refrigerant to another vessel or charging dispenser, the 3054 Cylinder Heater is designed to fit 30Ib. and 50Ib. containers. It also can be used on 125Ib. cylinders and fits the refrigerant cylinders in many recovery units. The device consists of a 6” x 28” flexible silicone rubber heating element with extra-Iong Velcro straps, built-in molded thermostat, and power cord. The heater draws 200 watts at 120 VAC and has a 135° preset thermostat

3054-230V : 230 Volt model available for European market