Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 02:43   By: Imperial

The Cap-Check is a Imperial-Thermal Engineering innovation that has made cap tube cleaning possible and practical. It is designed to pump a high rate of oil into the cap tube to build up pressures needed to open any plugged cap tube, and will clean partially plugged cap tubes when used with the Imperial-Thermal Engineering Chaser Kit.

Cap-Check Capillary Tube Cleaner

CAP-CHECK : 1003

Cap-Check is a portable, self contained hydraulic power unit with auxiliary equipment especially adapted to cleaning refrigeration capillary tubes. A 0-5000 PSI gauge shows pressure build-up if cap tube is restricted and also shows when chaser has passed through the tube. A 30” high pressure hydraulic hose with a 1/4” SAE male flare outlet connects the cap tube to the Cap-Check for simple handling. An adapter is supplied to connect the cap tube directly to the hose outlet without a flared fitting.

CAP-CHECK CHASER KIT : 1101Cap-Check Chaser Kit