PT-109 Kwik-Vise™

Posted on: Fri, 2012-09-07 00:44   By: Imperial

Refrigerant Recovery Tool

PT-109 Line piercing/refrigerant recovery tool pierces, seals and locks on to copper lines in one swift motion. Self-adjusting! No need to adjust the tool for different sizes of tubing. The tension system automatically locks pliers on copper tubing 1/4” to 1/2” (6 mm-12 mm) O.D. To use, simply position the PT-109 on the tubing to be pierced. Close the pliers quickly and firmly. The pliers will automatically adjust and lock into a tightly sealed, secure position.


• Replaceable hardened, stainless steel pierce and brass valve assembly (S16002045).

• Capacity: 1/4” thru 1/2” O.D. refrigerant copper tubing.

• Durable: made with high-carbon, heat treated steel jaws.

• Works with all refrigerants CFC, HFC, HCFC and Zeotropic, Azeotropic.

• 90˚ elbow valve eliminates tangling and interference problems.

S16002045 Replacement pierce and brass valve assembly.